Why Mini?

Because it may be practical, and because it may be all you need!

Our mini-plans come handy to those web programmers and designers who would like to test the websites they're developing on a full-fledged platform. They're also ideal for those who are seeking private email hosting or people who want to use some web space to store their files or setup a file hosting service.

If you have a static or small website that doesn't need particular processing power, if you have a personal website or even a standard blog, our plans are more than enough for you!

Our prices are unmatched. Period. Not because we're the "cheap" kind of hosting, but because we offer what's right for you, and for the real value of it. We do not offer you "unlimited" stuff for which we overcharge you.

So, voila! If you're still hesitating about whether we have what you need, please contact us right now. We'll give you FREE consultation, and will advise you on where to find what you're looking for if we don't have it. You can count on us, and all we care about is YOU!

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Plan Aye

  • Webspace: 100 MB
  • Monthly Bandwidth: 3,000 MB
  • Databases: 1


$2.99 per year

Plan Bee

  • Webspace: 500 MB
  • Monthly Bandwidth: 10,000 MB
  • Databases: 1


$4.99 per year